Episode 6

Published on:

12th Oct 2020

Man in a Fedora

Aschenbach. That's who Max reminded me of, with his sophistication and grace evocative of a different, more elegant era. He was small, about 5 feet tall, (maybe that's why all his gifts were so petite.) A bit of a dandy. He wore a Burberry trench coat, cuff-links, and a fedora hat with a military pin. He smoked a pipe. He had small hands. And now, he's missing.

Written by: Marina Rubin

Narrator: Carmen Crafts

Max: Americo Galli

Virignia: Mandy Hebblethwaite

Vero: Raadiyah Verity

Ian: Casey Ryan

Barely Divorced Man: Kitzy

Frightened Coordinator: Carmen Crafts

Ex-Boyfriend: Caleb Coy

Dragomir: Michael Fight

Mother: Andrea Quinn

Goodwill Woman: Amy Wyant

Produced/Directed by: Michael Fight

Storyteller Series Editor: Michael Wyant, Jr.

Sound Mixed by: Kitzy

Edited by: Cole Oppedisano

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Michael Cherniak

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Michael Fight is the Director of Content for Night Shift Radio. He's currently the host for "Never Heard Of It" and "The Storyteller Series". During the day he's the Operations Coordinator for the film studio Syracuse Studios.

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Mike is also the Editor and sometimes Producer/Director of The Storyteller Series Podcast.

When not being crawled over by his Writing Cat, Einie, Mike Wyant Jr. writes science fiction with a focus on exploring mental illness and its repercussions. Once upon a time, he was a Sys Admin, Network Administrator, and do-it-all tech drone. He's left those days behind. Mostly.